How Do I Contact Scholastic Publishing

Our Customer Service Representatives are here to help you with any problem, question or concern you may have.Book Clubs. Customers Within the United States: 1-800-SCHOLASTIC (1-800-724-6527), press #1 Mon-Fri – 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM Customers Outside the United States: 1-573-632-1687 Mon-Fri – 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM.

How much does it cost to get a book published by Scholastic?

The book retails for around $20 or you should find it in your local library. Once you have found the right person to represent you, your agent will submit the book to Scholastic for you and negotiate the contract if it sells.

How do I email Scholastic orders?

If you have a question about placing any order with Scholastic Book Clubs, contact us by e-mail at or call us at 1-800-SCHOLASTIC.

How do I contact Scholastic?

+1 800-724-6527.

Is scholastic a publishing company?

Today, Scholastic is the largest publisher and distributor of children’s books in the world, with a collection of titles that entertain and support children’s varied interests and stages of reading development.

How do you get a book published?

4 Steps for Getting Your Book Published Edit and proofread. One or two typos won’t sink your career, but a bevy of them will make you look unprofessional. Identify a target audience for your book. Identify potential agents. Submit your book proposal. Submit directly to a publisher.

How do you get published by Random House?

Penguin Random House LLC does not accept unsolicited submissions, proposals, manuscripts, or submission queries via e-mail at this time. If you would like to have your work or manuscript considered for publication by a major book publisher, we recommend that you work with an established literary agent.

What is Scholastic email address?

You can exercise that right by emailing us at or by completing this Third-Party Opt-Out Form We will comply with these requests consistent with applicable law.

How do you approach a publisher to a book?

Include book title, your full author name as you wish it to appear on the book, word count and specific genre—don’t just say ‘fiction’, for instance; the publisher wants to know exactly where it fits. Include why you’re submitting to this particular publisher.

How do you get published by Scholastic?

Follow these four easy steps and turn your students into published authors. Order Kit. Tell us when you’ll publish and select your FREE kit! Get Creative. Let your students’ imaginations run wild as they fill the kit pages with their writing and illustrations. Publish Book. Celebrate!.

How can I publish my book for free?

If you decide to self-publish, then you’ll need to look for free publishing services. The best option in this area is Kindle Direct Publishing, or KDP. It is powered by Amazon and allows you to list your book on their site without cost. You will split royalties on each sale of the book, but there are no upfront costs.

How do I get my children’s book published by Scholastic?

If you are a professional teacher who has written a teaching strategy, activity resource, grade 4 to 8, or a scholastic reference book, then you can submit your ideas to Scholastic to be published. Scholastic accepts unsolicited manuscripts from professionals.

How do I sell a book that I wrote?

Five Steps. Decide who will read your book – find your community. Figure out what your community does – connect with those activities. Talk it up, and talk it up some more – don’t be shy. Create a sense of urgency – start a drive. Keep the buzz going – find new reasons and angles to promote your book.

How do you get a publishing deal for a book?

How to Get a Book Deal in 2021 Make sure your book is fit for market. Refine your elevator pitch. Research and query agents. Follow up and track results. Submit your manuscript to publishers. Figure out which offer is best for you.

Can you delete a scholastic account?

Your account number appears on every invoice Scholastic sends out. Call the toll-free membership cancellation number at 1-800-411-6706. Tell the customer service representative that you would like to cancel your membership, and indicate which book club you wish to cancel.

Can you track Scholastic orders?

To track the status of your order and find out when your books will be shipped and are expected to arrive at your school, go to or call 1-800-SCHOLASTIC.

How do I cancel my subscription to Scholastic?

Is there something we can help you with before you decide to cancel? If so, please contact us. Otherwise, you can write “cancel” on your invoice, call 1-800-SCHOLASTIC (1-800-724-6527), or email us and provide your account number, name, and full shipping address.

Can parents order directly from Scholastic?

Scholastic Book Clubs has an online pop-up shop just for parents, shipped directly to your home, while still earning bonus points for your child’s class and teacher. Even better, orders of $25 or more qualify for free standard shipping.

Where is the Scholastic corporate office?

New York, NY.

How do I self publish my book?

How to Self-Publish a Book in 7 Steps Write the book. Edit the manuscript. Design the cover and format the interior. Self-publish as an ebook and a print book. Master the Kindle store (and other retailers) Market your book effectively. Create an awesome launch plan.

How do you publish a book my child wrote?

How To Publish a Book Written by a Child: What You Need To Know Create an outline. Have the child start their book project by creating an outline. Write the story. Revise the book. Have it copyedited. Design the book cover. Fix the formatting. Start proofreading. Bring it to publication.

How much does an author make per book?

A traditionally published author makes 5–20% royalties on print books, usually 25% on ebooks (though can be less), and 10–25% on audiobooks.

How do I submit my book to a publisher?

How to Submit a Manuscript to a Publisher In 5 Simple Steps Research agents and publishers. One of the top complaints from agents and publishers is that authors don’t do their research before submitting. Create an ordered longlist. Zero in on your top choices. Personalize your approach. Format and submit your manuscript.

Is Scholastic com safe?

The boards are mostly about books and although there doesn’t seem to be a filter, users stay nice and on topic. The news section covers the news — even if that means wars, fighting, and natural disasters, but it’s all in a very fact-driven, safe way.

Who is the head of Scholastic?

Richard Robinson (1975–).