How Do I Register For Classes At George Mason

First, you must apply to Mason. Once enrolled, you can register for online courses in PatriotWeb. Registration steps are the same for online and on-campus courses. Do you have additional questions about adding or dropping classes, viewing your schedule, or joining a waitlist?.

How much is George Mason enrollment deposit?

You can submit your $250 enrollment deposit through our deposit portal.

What is a recitation class GMU?

Recitations and labs are additional required class meetings, usually used to discuss or apply concepts learned in the regular class meetings. For instance, you’ll need to register for recitation (also known as “colloquium”) to take HNRS 110.

What does linked course required mean?

There are a number of classes that have multiple parts (a lecture, recitation, and/or lab), and you must enroll in all of the parts to register for the class. This means that you must sign up for both classes (different course numbers) or you will get a “Linked Course Required” error.

Where are my classes GMU?

Log into to PatriotWeb, click ‘Student Services’, ‘Registration’, ‘Registration and Planning’, ‘Register for Classes’, and then select the semester. On your screen you should see three panels: one to search for courses, one to view your schedule, and one to view the courses your are registered for.

How do you pay for housing at George Mason?

Access your student account through Patriot Web For payment instructions, to request payment plans, or to request the refund of a credit placed on your account, contact Student Accounts at 703-993-2484. Housing room charges are billed to a student’s account prior to each semester.

How do I set up a MasonLive account?

Go to and select MasonLive Email or access your MasonLive account directly through the Outlook website. Log in with your full email address ( and your MasonLive Microsoft Password (this is not your Patriot Pass Password).

How do I withdraw from a class GMU?

How do I submit a request? Review the Fall 2021 Academic Calendar and ensure that your request is submitted during the selective withdrawal period designated for the class. Complete and electronically sign the form. Upon submission, the Registrar’s Office will review your form.

What is a linked class at GMU?

Linked Courses: If you are registering for a linked course (a lecture and lab or recitation), you need to register for the lecture first and then the lab or recitation. Location: Make certain on which campus the course is being taught. Permission to add/drop courses after the deadline is rarely given.

What does level restriction mean?

This means that the section is restricted to students at a specific level (Graduate, Law, etc.).

Do you have to live on campus at George Mason?

Freshmen students are required to live on campus in our modern residential halls, which feature single, double, triple, and quad rooms, as well as suite-style options. Whether you start in the summer, fall, or spring, you’ll need to live in a residence hall for each semester of your first year.

What does special approval mean?

Special Approval means approval by a majority of the members of the Conflicts Committee acting in good faith.

What is a linked section?

When sections are linked, they all share the same set of materials and grade setup. This means you only need to create materials and set up your gradebook once, even when you teach multiple sections of the same course. The linked sections feature was designed to improve the instructor’s experience.

How do I make a mason email?

Follow these instructions to log in to your Office 365 account for the first time. Go to and click Office 365 Email. Log in with your NetID and Patriot Pass Password. You will be prompted to authenticate with Duo Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Select your Language and Time zone.

What is my MasonLive password?

Login to MASONLIVE Email Address: Password: MASONLIVE Microsoft Password.

How do I get an unofficial transcript GMU?

Current Students (or students with a Mason NetID and password) may get their unofficial transcripts by following the steps below: Log on to Patriot Web. Select Student Services. Select Student Records. Select View your Unofficial Transcript. Select the Transcript Level and the Transcript Type. Select Display MASON Transcript.

What is a recitation class?

Recitations have smaller class sizes than lectures. Recitations usually consist of a smaller subset of students from a larger lecture course. In recitation, you have the opportunity to ask questions, get clarification on the lecture/notes, learn how to solve difficult homework problems, and take quizzes.

How many classes can I take in the summer Utrgv?

Maximum Course Load The maximum load for a full-time undergraduate student is 18 hours in a regular semester an 15 for each summer session. Students may be permitted to enroll for additional hours with the approval of his or her undergraduate academic advisor and the dean of the college.

Is GMU deposit refundable?

A: The enrollment deposit is the financial commitment a prospective student makes to attend Mason. The VA will not pay for the enrollment deposit because it is refundable and can be returned to the student after the student is in attendance or used to offset other financial obligations.

What does a restricted major mean?

This means that the section is restricted to students in a specific major (Art History, English, etc.). You will need an override, MAJOR, to bypass this error In order to register.

What is a student attribute restriction?

“Student Attribute Restriction” This message indicates there is an attribute restriction on the course preventing student registration. If an exception is authorized, an “ATTRIBUTE” override can be entered on SZACSRP.

What is a class restriction?

CLASS RESTRICTION Course or section is restricted to students in a particular class (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) Your class level must be the same as the course at the time you take it. In some cases, courses are permanently restricted to a particular class; such restrictions are listed in the bulletin.

Can freshman have cars at GMU?

Student Permits and Parking Requirements Student parking is restricted to students displaying a valid George Mason University student parking permit. Freshman residents who have a vehicle are required to purchase a West Campus, Lot I, Lot J or Rappahannock River parking permit.