Question: How Many Employees Does Rally Health Have

Employee Data Rally Health has 1320 Employees.

How much is Rally Health worth?

Paul Business Journal. “Rally Health will reel in an estimated $400 million in annualized revenue next year, UnitedHealth President Dave Wichmann said at the health care giant’s recent investor conference. Rally also will hit the 500-employee mark in 2017.”.

What is a rally account?

Rally simplifies the consumer health experience by making separate elements of the health and health care ecosystem work together seamlessly. Rally enables employers to offer employees a single web or mobile experience to access their benefits and health programs regardless of which health plan they have.

Is Rally Health part of UnitedHealthcare?

UnitedHealthcare, a recognized leader in the health and well-being industry, began offering Rally Health


to its customers today. “We are thrilled to introduce Rally — a personalized, interactive health and wellness platform for all UnitedHealthcare plan members,” said the company in an announcement to its members.

How do I contact Rally health?

For more complex or personal issues we offer support online, as well as by telephone and by email. Users can send inquiries 24 hours a day through our “Contact Us” form on the FAQ page, as well as by email at The Rally support hub is open weekdays from 7 am to 7 pm Mountain Time.

What is a rally age?

Your Rally Age is a measure that can help you assess your health, shown in years over or under your actual age. It demonstrates how your life choices and health behaviors impact your predicted lifespan.

How does UHC rally work?

Rally puts you in charge of managing your health with a personalized digital experience that includes missions, challenges and communities. You’ll get real-time feedback and ongoing encouragement to help you live your healthiest life. Missions meet you where you are and help you take small steps toward better health.

Who is Grant Verstandig?

Grant Verstandig is the founder and CEO of Rally Health, Inc., a consumer-centric digital health company that develops online and mobile tools that empower people to take control of their health and well-being and manage their healthcare needs. At that time, Rally’s was the largest digital health exit to date.

How many users does Rally Health have?

Rally’s Care Solutions make health benefits easy to understand and care easy to find on the computer or the Rally app. More than 20 million consumers currently have access to the Rally platform through payers such as UnitedHealthcare, BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, and thousands of employer groups.

Do Rally rewards expire?

Reward cards do not expire. Any unused amount on a reward card will not be returned to you as cash. Reward cards are void where prohibited by law.

What are Rally health rewards?

“Its Rally Health


program provides incentives and rewards to UnitedHealth members and self-insured employers for completing health surveys, taking healthy actions such as cutting back on sugar or completing challenges with the help of a wearable fitness device.”.

When did optum buy rally?

In 2017, UnitedHealth’s Optum unit acquired Rally Health, a company started by Audax Health’s executives. Prior to acquisition, in 2015, UnitedHealth supported Rally Health as a majority investor, and through enrolling 5 million UnitedHealth policy holders in Rally Health’s flagship product, RallySM.

Who started Rally health?

Grant L. Verstandig has 2 current jobs as Founder, President, and CEO at Rally Health and Founder & CEO at Audax Health Solutions .

How do I start a rally Health account?

How to Sign Up for Rally Healthy Rewards and Earn Free Money (Gift Cards) Navigate to ( Click “Sign Up”. Enter your email address and desired password. Provide a few pieces of information to confirm your eligibility for Rally.

What is an optum wellness rewards card?

The Optum Financial payment card is a fast and convenient way to pay for eligible medical expenses without submitting paper claim forms. Use it at the pharmacy, pay at the doctor’s office or write your payment card number on your provider bill.

Is Rally Health a good place to work?

It is great working with members though the ratio of members to coaches can be 60:1 per class. Training is a week long and then you learn from actually hosting sessions. There are always changes that directly impact coaches as the company is still young.

What industry is Rally Health?

Working at Rally Health Rally Health, Inc. is a consumer-focused digital health company that makes it easier for individuals to take charge of their well-being. The company collaborates with health plans, healthcare providers, and employers as they engage consumers.

What is well at home by United Healthcare?

Well At Home is a pilot program conducted by UnitedHealth Group Research and Development. Make sure to get your flu shot every flu season. This program is not a substitute for the flu shot. In an emergency, call 911.

Who bought Rally health?

Chief Digital Officer UnitedHealth Group acquired a majority stake in the business in 2014 and in 2017, Rally became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Optum, a part of UnitedHealth Group.

Who is the CEO of Optum health?

Wyatt Decker, MD. Decker joined Optum in 2019 as the CEO of OptumHealth, where he oversees care delivery and ambulatory care services for OptumCare. In his previous role, Dr. Decker worked at Rochester, Minn.

Does Uhg own Rally Health?

UnitedHealth Group acquired a majority stake in Rally a few years ago, and the company then became a subsidiary of UnitedHealth’s Optum unit in 2017. UnitedHealth also owns the biggest US health insurer and has a market value of about $220 billion.

What is optum wellness?

Health and Wellness Solutions for Health Plans Optum


assists health plans in establishing effective wellness programs that are personalized, and support members with programs, communications and incentives that drive engagement. This helps members and their families feel more empowered to manage their health.

Is Rally health part of Optum?

Rally Health is the consumer digital health platform of Optum, part of UnitedHealth Group [NYSE: UNH]. Consumers predominantly use Rally incentive rewards to support health priorities.

What is Rally app?

That’s what Rally® is all about. It’s a website and mobile app that helps you learn simple ways to take care of yourself – from being more active to eating better.