Question: Is It Compulsory To Add Spouse Name In Indian Passport

To add your spouse’s name on your passport, you have to apply for ‘Re-issue of Passport’. In any case, please note that it is not required to add your spouse’s name in your passport after marriage. On the ‘Passport Application – Get Started Page’, you will select ‘Please select your Marital Status’ as ‘Married’.

How can I change my spouse name?

Procedure To Change Your Name After Marriage in India Step 1 – Your Marriage Certificate. You’ll have to first get your new name registered on your marriage certificate. Step 2 – Get an Affidavit. Step 3 – Declaration to Third Parties. Step 4 – Make The Changes.

Do I have to update passport after marriage?

Do I need to get a new passport if my name has changed due to marriage? Answer: American citizens are required to travel with a passport that has their current legal name. If your name changed due to marriage then you need to apply for a passport name change before you travel.

Is marriage affidavit required for passport?

there is no requirement for marriage certificate to get a passport. We said, discard this rule. No married man or woman have to show marriage certificate to get passport,” said the minister.

Is it mandatory to remove spouse name from passport after divorce?

Documents Required Self-attested photocopy of last and last page of your passport. Original passport. Death certificate of your spouse (Copy), in case your companion has died. If the reason of name’s removal is separation or divorce, then relevant proofs will be needed.

How do I change my passport to my married name?

You have to apply for a ‘Re-issue’ of passport and get the specified change done in the personal particulars to change the name in the passport. You will also have to submit required documents along with the application form to validate your request.

Does marital status appear on passport?

Note that US passports, unlike for some other countries, do not list marital status anywhere on the passport itself. So if it’s a concern like “I don’t want certain people who might see my passport to know that I am married”, that should not be an issue.

Do I have to change my name after marriage?

A marriage certificate is a document that states you and your spouse are married. Does my name legally change after my marriage? No. Your name legally changes when you update your name with the Social Security Administration.

Can I remove spouse name from passport without divorce in India?

In order to delete the name of the spouse, individuals will have to first visit the website of the passport seva or one of the centers and procure a form 002 which is meant for ‘miscellaneous services’ and fill it. Original passport with a self-attested photocopy of the first and last two pages.

Can I put single instead of divorce?

As a single person, you are not legally bound to anyone—unless you have a dependent. You can be considered as single if you have never been married, were married but then divorced, or have lost your spouse. It is possible to be single at multiple times in your life.

How can I write my spouse name in Indian passport?

The process to add your spouse’s name on the passport is very simple. You will have to apply for a ‘Re-Issue’ of passport and submit the relevant documents at the passport office to add your spouse’s name on the passport.

Is a girlfriend a partner legally?

Although there is no legal definition of living together, it generally means to live together as a couple without being married. You might be able to formalise aspects of your status with a partner by drawing up a legal agreement called a cohabitation contract or living together agreement.

Is Aadhaar card enough for passport?

Aadhaar letter/card or the e-Aadhaar (an electronically generated letter from the website of UIDAI), as the case may be, will be accepted as Proof of Address (POA) and Proof of Photo-Identity (POI) for availing passport related services.

Do live in girlfriends have any rights?

An individual in a cohabitation relationship always has the right to her own property. This means her income cannot be garnished to cover her partner’s medical expenses or any other financial obligations, like child support payments.

Is adding spouse name to passport mandatory?

Details of the person such as their name, age, marital status, address etc. are required for a passport. In case an applicant wishes to add their spouse’s name after marriage, he/she will have to’Re-Apply’ for a Passport and download Form No.

What are the documents required for adding spouse name in passport?

Requirements: Original marriage certificate with a photocopy and Self attested photocopies of passports of his/her spouse or. Divorcees applying for a change of name are required to furnish a divorce decree authenticated by the court; or.

Can I still use my passport with my maiden name?

Answer: Ideally, your passport would have your current, legal name in it. However, you should not have any problem using a passport with your maiden name and your marriage certificate if you travel by land or sea. TSA’s Secure Flight Program requires the name on your ticket match the name in your passport.

Can husband and wife have different address in passport?

MEA’s new rules allow women to submit additional documents as address proofs. E Vishnu Vardhan Reddy said, “Now newly a married woman can use the passport of her husband as address proof when they submit their application at the passport seva kendras (PSKs).

Is it mandatory to change marital status in passport India?

2. To Change Marital Status on Passport Following Divorce. If the spouse of an individual has expired or has been separated legally i.e. divorced, only then can he/she remove the name of the spouse. Along with this validity extension page, (if any), in case of short validity passport is also required.

Why does passport ask about divorce?

Answer: The passport application form states that failure to provide information requested on the form may result in significant processing delays and/or the denial of your application. While this is only a possibility, you can avoid this risk by including the birthplace.

Is it mandatory to have spouse name in passport for minor?

What’s the rule for endorsement of parents names in passport? The rule is that, if either one of the parents have passport (valid or expired), it is mandatory to have their spouse name endorsed on it to apply for child’s passport.

What is the requirements for passport if married?

Married Females (who are using their spouse’s last name) must also present Original and submit photocopy of PSA Authenticated Marriage Contract on Security Paper or Report of Marriage. Local Civil Registrar Copy is required if PSA Birth Certificate is not clear or cannot be read.