Question: What Can Sway Be Used For

Sway is a new app from Microsoft Office that makes it easy to create and share interactive reports, personal stories, presentations, and more. Start by adding your own text and pictures, search for and import relevant content from other sources, and then watch Sway do the rest.

How can I see views on Sway?

Under My Sways, you can see the Analytics tabs and here, you can see every content or Sway you’ve worked on. Here, you’ll see the total views, average time spent, average completion, and the number of people who have glanced, did a quick read or did a deep read.

Is Sway any good?

Sway is a simple tool that can produce some great results. It’s jam-packed with features to help you with the difficult design bits so you can focus on the content and best of all it’s free. Microsoft doesn’t always get things right, but with Sway, they’ve created something handy, at the best possible price.

Is Microsoft Sway bad?

The biggest negative about Sway is that it’s template-based and the templates are really inflexible. You can’t resize pictures so you have to guess where Sway will put them so that it doesn’t look awful; you can’t align them with each other either.

What can I use instead of Sway?

Top 10 Alternatives to Microsoft Sway Prezi. Keynote. Quip. DocSend. Google Workspace. Powtoon. Visme. Renderforest Video Maker.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of sway?

Here are a few pros and cons: Sway is hip. If you’re not using the Sway app with Windows 10, you have to be online to present. A longer presentation gets cumbersome quickly. Sway is free and open to all. Sway lets you collaborate online. It’s hard to upload images. Finding online content is very easy.

Is Microsoft Sway dead?

Sway is absolutely alive and we definitely take these issues seriously.

Can you save a Sway presentation?

To be able to export a Sway, click the More button, click Export. You’ll be asked to choose either PDF or a Word document and your Sway will be exported to the format that you chose. You’ll then be asked whether you want to save or open that document.

What is Sway TikTok?

The Sway House, also known as Sway LA, is Los Angeles TikTok collab house that has a reputation for controversial personalities. Sway LA pools some of TikTok’s biggest stars: Bryce Hall, 20, Jaden Hossler, 19, Josh Richards, 18, Quinton Griggs, 17, Anthony Reeves, 18, Kio Cyr, 19, and Griffin Johnson, 21.

Can Sway be used offline?

Sway requires an Internet connection and needs to remain online to manage the layout of your content. In case you want to store an offline copy of your content, you can export your Sway content to Word or PDF.

Is Sway private?

How does privacy work in Sway? When you create a Sway, it becomes a private web page. It is not posted anywhere and can’t be indexed. This means you won’t be able to find it by searching on a search engine (such as or or your company site.

Is Sway still used?

Microsoft is retiring the Sway for iOS app December 17, 2018. We’re advising all our valued iOS users to use Sway online at With this change, we’re consolidating our Sway experience. Sway online provides the same, most up-to-date feature set across platforms and devices.

Can you see who has viewed your Sway?

You can see detailed information about your readership under the Analytics tab under My Sways. Metrics that are captured for each Sway include: Total views—Number of unique views on your Sway. Views count from any device.

How do I stop sharing Sway?

How would you stop sharing a sway? Within the Share drop-down menu slide the Share switch (highlighted in red within Figure 2) to Just me. This stop sharing your Sway, and you will deactivate all Share options.

Does Sway have analytics?

Similarly to PowerPoint, you can use Sway to create presentations and share a link to your Sway with others. Sway also includes an analytics tool that shows you how many times your presentation has been viewed. This feature is useful when you share learning materials via Sway.

Can Sway be shared externally?

By disabling or enabling external sharing, you can control whether people in your organization can share the Sways they create with people outside of your organization. External sharing is enabled by default. On the Services page, click Sway.

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How is Sway different from PowerPoint?

Differences Between Sway and PowerPoint One of the main differences between these two is that Sway is web-based and free to use, while PowerPoint is a licensed desktop product. Sway can be accessed from any web browser on any platform via, but there’s also a Sway app in the Windows Store.

Is sway like Google Slides?

Google Slides also provides its users with hassle-free conversions of the slides they prepare. Microsoft Sway is a presentation creating and a visual storytelling app using which, users can create attractive and interactive newsletters, presentations, reports, documents, and personal stories within very less time.

Can you create a website with Sway?

In its most basic form, Sway allows anyone to create a beautiful website from just images and text without any effort, and it’s all what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) — a modern and simple version of FrontPage.

What is a sway boy?

The Sway Boys are some of TikTok’s biggest stars, known for their dance, stunt, and prank videos. Three of them, 18-year-old Josh Richards, and 21-year-olds Bryce Hall and Griffin Johnson, are trying to turn their TikTok fame into bigger wealth by investing in startups.