Question: Why Is It Important To Listen To Both Sides Of A Story

Answer: It is very important to know both sides of a story because By hearing only one side of a story , a person may not get the whole picture of what had actually happened. By being able to know both sides of the story, a person is more likely to get all of the facts regarding what happened with a specific event.

What is the importance of perspective?

In a sense, perspective is fluid, taking the form of the human it rests in. It’s ultimately our choice how we let our experiences shape our perspective and our duty to explore it. Through personal experience, I think that understanding others’ perspectives means to grasp the context in which someone lives.

Why is it important to listen in an argument?

It turns out that listening is far more persuasive than speaking. When you’re silent you can better pick up on what’s not being said — cues that signal how someone is feeling (Is the person upset about something and that’s why he’s not willing to hear you out right now?) and help you figure out how to respond.

Why is it important to know both perspectives?

It is important to look at topics from multiple perspectives so that we are able to see the whole picture, which better enables us to find the root cause of the problem and discover a solution that takes the needs and feelings of everyone involved into consideration. Aug 21, 2019.

Is there 3 sides to every story?

“There are three sides to every story: your side, my side, and the truth. And no one is lying. Memories shared serve each differently.”.

How do you know if an argument is both sides?

To make sure that you fully understand both sides of a conflict, review the main facts you learned and phrase them in a way that sounds nonjudgmental. If possible, review the points with the parties involved to make sure the information is correct.

What is the main goal of an argumentative essay?

The goal of an argumentative essay is to clearly outline a point of view, reasoning, and evidence.

How do you acknowledge the other side in an argumentative essay?

Here are some transitions to help when writing about the other side: It is true that… however… therefore… Certainly…but…in short… Admittedly…on the other hand…so… Of course… nevertheless…as a result… Obviously…on the contrary… finally… Sure… however…in addition….

Is there two sides to every story?

There are two sides to every story and some sides are not recorded or not offered. The media can also push or glamorize a story. Often, the whole story doesn’t come out until the media is long done with that news story.

What does the Bible say about two sides to every story?

Scripture says: “Any story sounds true until someone tells the other side and sets the record straight.” (Proverbs 18:17 TLB) One of the reasons this proverb is in the Bible is because the Lord knows that there will be times when we will hear only one side of the story, and we will still be expected to respond somehow.

What does there are two sides to every question mean?

Every argument has an opposing side that is worth understanding or has its own valid reasoning.

What do you call someone who listens to both sides?

arbitrator. noun. someone who is officially chosen to hear both sides of an argument and to make a decision about what should be done.

How do you listen to your feelings?

Empathic Listening Skills Try to get a sense of the feelings that the speaker is expressing, and stay mindful of the emotional content being delivered as well as the literal meaning of the words. Think of yourself as a mirror. Repeat the speaker’s thoughts and feelings back to them.

What does it mean to see things from a different perspective?

Perspective-taking is about being able to understand a situation from the point of view of another person. The nice thing about this skill is in how it allows us to better explore a situation that happened in the past — or it can support you in making an upcoming decision.

What does both sides of the story mean?

“Both sides of the story” is a common phrase which points to the idea that a singular confrontation can have different points of view. And in this song, Phil Collins, who is well known as being an artist who is sympathetic to the plight of others, brings up disturbing issues such as street crime and domestic violence.

Why is Multiperspectivity important?

It brings a more complex, complete and richer understanding of the past. It can be used to show corroboration of acts, to show diverse perspectives of a single event, and to showcase the human condition in compelling ways.

What is the main purpose of an argument?

Primarily, argument has two purposes: argument is used to change people’s points of view or persuade them to accept new points of view; and argument is used to persuade people to a particular action or new behavior.

What is a side story?

One way to use a side story or subplot is to present a different look at the same theme or to explore the problem from a different angle.

Why is it important to acknowledge both sides of an issue?

It Can Strengthen Your Argument The danger of reading extremely biased articles, or listening to a biased speaker, is the chance of being fed misinformation. You can see where the opposition is coming from and modify it to strengthen your own argument in a way that can better address your points.

Who originally said there are two sides to every story?

THERE ARE TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY (COIN) – “There’s always a different point of view, which is entitled to be heard. The proverb has been traced back in English to 1742, and is first attested in the United States in the 1802 ‘Diary and Autobiography of John Adams’ and an 1817 letter of Thomas Jefferson.

When you tell your side of the story?

Definition of ‘someone’s side of the story’ If someone tells you their side of the story, they tell you why they behaved in a particular way and why they think they were right, when other people think that person behaved wrongly.

Are any counterarguments acknowledged?

A counterargument involves acknowledging standpoints that go against your argument and then re-affirming your argument. The counterargument is a standard academic move that is used in argumentative essays because it shows the reader that you are capable of understanding and respecting multiple sides of an argument.

What is the meaning back story?

the things that have happened to someone before you first see or read about that person in a film or story. Events and occurrences.