Quick Answer: How Long Does It Take To Become A Athletic Trainer

How Long Does It Take to Become an Athletic Trainer? It generally takes four years to finish your undergraduate athletic trainer education requirements. Obtaining a master’s in athletic training can take an additional one to three years. Becoming BOC certified can take a few months.

What is the hardest part about being an athletic trainer?

As an athletic trainer there are many difficult situations that arise on the job. Broken bones, overzealous parents, concussions, weather and a myriad of other things get to you.

Do you need a masters for athletic training?

To become a certified athletic trainer, a student must graduate with bachelors or master’s degree from an accredited professional athletic training education program and pass a comprehensive test administered by the Board of Certification (BOC).

What education is needed to be an athletic trainer?

“To become an athletic trainer, one must graduate (with a degree) from a CAATE-accredited athletic training education program (now, primarily at the graduate level), sit for the Board of Certification exam, and if applicable, apply for licensure within their state,” Selsky said.

What can physical therapists do that athletic trainers Cannot?

Any misalignment could lead to injury. However, where physical therapists leave off, athletic trainers pick up and vice versa. Whereas physical therapists can treat any patient with an injury, athletic trainers focus on athletes and the physically active population.

What are the disadvantages of being an athletic trainer?

A disadvantage of being a trainer is that your work hours can be long and unpredictable. You are at the mercy of an athlete’s or a team’s schedule, so you will likely be working many nights and weekends.

Does athletic training pay well?

The average salary for an athletic trainer in California is around $56,910 per year.Athletic trainer salary by state. State Name Average Salary California $56,910 Colorado $48,450 Connecticut $56,280 District of Columbia $56,730.

What is athletic trainer salary?

National estimates for Athletic Trainers: Percentile 10% 50% (Median) Annual Wage (2) $ 32,980 $ 49,860.

What jobs can you get with a major in athletic training?

Earning an athletic training degree and license can help you pursue any of the following careers. Sports Athletic Trainer. Performing Arts Athletic Trainer. Sports Coach. Physician Assistant (PA).

What majors do athletic trainers have?

Most commonly, students interested in athletic training can pursue an athletic training major. Other major options may include kinesiology, sports science, or exercise science. Some employers may prefer graduates to have a master’s degree in the field.

Is being an athletic trainer stressful?

The athletic training profession is full of stress, given the amount of responsibility for someone’s health, the time demands, the high expectations in outcomes, and the challenge in autonomy to make decisions. All athletic trainers have experienced stress and stressful moments inherent to the profession.

Is athletic training a hard major?

Likewise, Athletic Training is a competitive major with a larger number of qualified applicants than it is possible for us to accept. As you would expect, it is very difficult for the Athletic Training Committee to admit students who do not plan to practice in a sports medicine setting over students who do.

Is athletic training a good career?

If you become an athletic trainer, your job prospects are good: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, this field is projected to grow 21% between 2014 and 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations. Many people think athletic trainers and personal trainers are the same career, but they are not.

Where do athletic trainers make the most money?

Although there are abundant athletic trainer jobs in America, a large number of them are in the Midwest. Rhode Island is the best state in the country for athletic trainer jobs, and Rhode Island has the second-highest median salary in the country. Athletic trainers in Reno make the most money.

How much do athletic trainers make in the NFL?

How much do NFL athletic trainers get paid? There are a hundred athletic trainers currently employed in the NFL and the average salary for those trainers is about $75,000, a figure that can rise to $100,000 depending on experience.

What are the positives and negatives of being a athletic trainer?

The Positives & Negatives of Being an Athletic Trainer Stress and Pressure. It’s not unusual for trainers to be stressed. Travel and Schedules. Athletic trainers work evenings and weekends, and often travel with teams to sporting events. Appreciation and Recognition. Compensation.

Is athletic training a medical degree?

The curriculum and clinical training of athletic trainers follows a medical-based education model. You can expect to take courses in biology, anatomy, nutrition, sports medicine, and kinesiology. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree (common majors are athletic training and exercise science).

Who gets paid more physical therapist or athletic trainer?

Physical Therapy Vs Athletic Trainer Salary Athletic trainers earned less than physical therapists, with mean wages of $48,440 per year, as of May 2019, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The highest earning 10 percent received over $73,470, and the lowest paid made under $31,300 yearly.

Are athletic trainers happy?

Athletic trainers are about average in terms of happiness. At CareerExplorer, we conduct an ongoing survey with millions of people and ask them how satisfied they are with their careers. As it turns out, athletic trainers rate their career happiness 3.3 out of 5 stars which puts them in the top 41% of careers.

Is a masters in athletic training worth it?

Increased Career Opportunities More than 70 percent of athletic trainers hold a minimum of a master’s degree, according to NATA. Professionals with a master’s degree may have a competitive advantage on those without one, as they have received greater training in the field.

How much can you make with a masters in athletic training?

According to July 2016 salary information on PayScale.com, athletic trainers with a master’s degree earn a mean salary of $42,000 annually. They also reported that as of November 2019 athletic trainers with a bachelor’s degree and 5-9 years experience earned an average annual salary of $48,000.

How many years does it take to get a master’s degree in athletic training?

It generally takes four years to finish your undergraduate athletic trainer education requirements. Obtaining a master’s in athletic training can take an additional one to three years. Becoming BOC certified can take a few months.

How much money do high school athletic trainers make?

High School Trainer Salary The U.S. Department of Labor reports that the average annual salary for athletic trainers working in elementary and secondary schools (high schools) was $58,170 in 2017. This is compared to a $49,000 average salary for trainers working in colleges, universities and professional schools.

How much do d1 college athletic trainers make?

NCAA Athletic Trainer Salary Annual Salary Weekly Pay Top Earners $72,000 $1,384 75th Percentile $52,000 $1,000 Average $46,805 $900 25th Percentile $35,000 $673.