Quick Answer: How Many States Require Foreign Language In High School

A total of 11 states have foreign language graduation requirements; 16 states do not have foreign language graduation requirements; and 24 states have graduation requirements that may be fulfilled by a number of subjects—one of which is foreign languages.

Is foreign language required in the US?

In the United States, foreign language requirements depend on the state, and right now only four locations have foreign language study as a graduation requirement. In fact, only roughly 20% of Americans are bilingual according to the US Census Bureau. For comparison, in Europe, roughly 56% of people are bilingual.

What is the second most commonly taught foreign language in the United States of America?

Colleges and universities Rank Language Enrollments 1 Spanish 712,240 2 French 175,667 3 American Sign Language 107,060 4 German 80,594.

What percentage of the US is bilingual?

Most Americans, when they leave high school, don’t continue with their language studies which has led to only 22% of Americans speaking a different language in their homes, and with 8.6% not fluent in English, that leaves around 13% of Americans as bilingual (LanguageLine Solutions).

How many people in the United States take French as a second language in school?

In the fall of 2016, 175,667 American university students were enrolled in French courses, or 12.4% of all foreign-language students and the second-highest total of any language (behind Spanish, with 712,240 students, or 50.2%).

Should all schools teach a foreign language?

Multiple studies show that early-start language learning improves cognitive skills and academic performance. Foreign language study contributes to brain development and overall learning. People who learn a second language score higher on reading, verbal fluency, and general intelligence assessments.

Is English 3 required?

For each year required through the 11th grade, a grade of C or better in a non-transferable college course of 3 or more semester (4 or more quarter) units in English composition, literature (American or English) or foreign literature in translation.

How many years of English are required in high school?

Requirements: Four years of English are required to graduate high school. Freshman and Sophomore years: Classes during these years will be primarily focused on developing writing and critical reading skills. Junior year: This year will focus on American literature, as well as continued development of writing skills.

Is Spanish a requirement for high school?

Recommendations. In general, competitive colleges require at least two years of foreign language classes in high school. As you’ll see below, Stanford University would like to see three or more years, and Harvard University urges applicants to take four years.

Should schools be required to teach a foreign language?

Well, learning a second language can increase cognitive growth, improve our social skills and increase our odds of being hired for a job. By gaining a second language during elementary school, children can gain all of those benefits, which would help them prepare for college and the real world.

Which language is most spoken in the world?

The most spoken languages in the world English (1.132 million speakers) Native speakers: 379 million. Mandarin (1.117 million speakers) Hindi (615 million speakers) Spanish (534 million speakers) French (280 million speakers) Arabic (274 million speakers) Bengali (265 million speakers) Russian (258 million speakers).

Is it fair to require that all students learn at least one foreign language?

Knowledge of at least one foreign language is very important. But it is not equally easy for everyone. To begin or continue learning a foreign language, you need a proper motivation, however. You cannot make any important decision without knowing the benefits arising from this.

Why does America not teach foreign languages?

The Roots Of America’s Deficit In Foreign Language Education For high schools, there is no compulsory language requirement in any of the 50 states. Teacher shortages are both a result of this problem and a cause of this problem. If we’re not raising bilingual citizens, we’re not raising qualified bilingual teachers.

What is the easiest language to learn?

And The Easiest Language To Learn Is… Norwegian. This may come as a surprise, but we have ranked Norwegian as the easiest language to learn for English speakers. Swedish. Spanish. Dutch. Portuguese. Indonesian. Italian. French.

Why are 4 years of English required?

English is perhaps the only high school subject for which colleges almost universally require or recommend a full four years of study. The college admissions officers will expect you to have strong writing and reading skills since these are at the heart of college success whether you’re an engineer or a history major.

Which foreign language is highly paid?

Of all the foreign lingos making headway in the industry, Chinese (Mandarin) is the highest-paid language. A person who speaks Chinese receives as much as an Rs. Million-plus yearly.

What is the most widely learned language?

The Most Learned Languages in the World English – Most popular language of study in 116 out of 194 countries. French – 35/194. Spanish – 32/194. German – 9/194. Swedish, Italian, Turkish – (Three-way tie) – 1/194 each.

Is learning a foreign language mandatory in high school?

Most high schools offer several years of foreign language–typically Spanish, French, German, and Mandarin Chinese. Sometimes these classes are mandatory, other times they are electives–but you should take advantage of these courses. Your brain also improves a lot once you start learning another language.

How many years of foreign language is required for high school?

Yes. However, most colleges require a minimum of two years of a foreign language to be considered for admission. Many colleges recommend at least three years of the same world language in high school for a student to be competitive in the admissions pool. Four years makes a student more attractive.

Why is foreign language a high school requirement?

Bilinguals have better problem-solving skills, as well as improved memory, concentration, and mental flexibility. Students who pursue language studies also tend to score better on standardized tests and benefit from academic progress in other subjects.

Why foreign language should not be required?

To summarize, foreign language classes should not be a requirement. Students rarely achieve proficiency even after several years of study, and the benefits of learning a foreign language in the US are limited. If taking a foreign language was not required, students would be able to pursue classes they want.

Which states require a foreign language?

States that have adopted a type of requirement for foreign language include: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee.

Is US government class required in high school?

Here is the current state of high school civics education:* Only nine states and the District of Columbia require one year of U.S. government or civics, while 30 states require a half year and the other 11 states have no civics requirement.

What percentage of high school students take a foreign language?

State officials estimate that 25 percent of high school students study a foreign language, mostly because many colleges with competitive admissions standards require at least two years of foreign language classes in high school.

How important is 4 years foreign language?

There is a college admissions myth that highly select schools require an applicant to take four years of foreign language to be accepted. A significant number of highly select schools recommend four years of foreign language in high school, but that is only a recommendation.

What is the best language to learn as an American?

Top 5 languages that American students learn Spanish. With Mexico right at the southern border of the US, it’s not surprising that over 50% of university students choose Spanish as their language of study. French. American Sign Language. German. Italian. Picture: (c) Fotolia, Trueffelpix.