Quick Answer: What Is A Contractor Submittal

Construction submittals are defined by bizfluent as “documents submitted by the contractor to the architect for his approval for use in a project,” while Lexology explains that “Submittals consist of information provided by the contractor to the design professional for approval of equipment, materials, etc.

What are the three types of submittals?

Submittals can be categorized as follows: Preconstruction Submittals. Construction Submittals. Closeout and Maintenance Submittals.

How do you respond to a construction RFI?

Read the RFI carefully, so you fully understand the question. Make your answer clear and specific. Provide a solution, and give an example if possible. Include drawings, photos, or any supplemental information (such as a link to a manufacturer’s product page) that would be helpful.

What are five criteria to select submittals?

Terms in this set (10) Manufacturer, trade names, model or type number. Explanation of use and performance. Size and physical characteristics. Finish. Jobsite dimensions.

How do you handle construction submittals?

Refuse to review any submittals sent directly to the architect or engineer by the subcontractor, and forward them to the general contractor. Refuse to review any unspecified submittals, and return them to general contractor. Require the general contractor to provide a submittal schedule as part of the contract.

What are the contractor’s submittal responsibilities?

Submittals are prepared and transmitted by a contractor or subcontractor to illustrate and explain how some portion of the work on the project is proposed to be carried out. Submittals can include shop drawings, diagrams, schedules, product data, product brochures, samples and even mock-ups.

How do I put together a submittal package?

Steps Navigate to the project’s Submittals tool. Click +Create > Submittals Package. In the ‘General’ tab, complete the data entry in the ‘General Information’ area as follows: If you want to add one or more existing submittals to this package, see Add an Existing Submittal to a Submittal Package.

Is a submittal a contract document?

Submittals are not contract documents. The contractor prepares submittals, and the architect prepares contract documents. A201 states: 3.12.

Does RFI include pricing?

Once an owner receives the responses, they may select a contractor or vendor at that time, choose not to do the project, or they may move on to a more detailed proposal type. RFIs aren’t heavily focused on price or the capabilities of the contractor or vendor.

What is the difference between an RFI and a submittal?

An RFI is very similar to a construction submittal and can be sent by a subcontractor when they are creating a submittal that will eventually go forward for approval. This article provides a detailed guide to requests for information and what these requests entail during construction projects.

What is the purpose of a construction submittal?

The submittal review process provides important system of checks and balances during the construction phase of a project. The purpose is to ensure that the end result conforms to the design intent depicted in the construction documents and meets the expectations of the owner.

How do you send an RFI?

7 Steps for submitting a Request for Information (RFI) #1. Thoroughly review documents and drawings. #2. Formulate your questions. #3. Use the correct format. #4. Review your queries. #5. Send your queries. #6. Manage ongoing queries. #7. Convert queries into clarifications and exclusions. Final thoughts.

What is the meaning of submittals?

1 : an act or instance of submitting something : a sending or delivery of something for consideration, study, or decision The council approved a resolution to authorize the submittal of five grant applications to the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs, Law Enforcement and Traffic Safety Division.—.

What is a job submittal?

A submittal refers to the written and/or physical information provided by a responsible contractor (i.e., contractors and subs) to the general contractor. This information is submitted to the design team for approval of equipment, materials, etc. before they are fabricated and delivered to the project.

What is a RFI in construction?

A request for information (RFI) is a document used during the construction process to get clarification about the necessary details of a project. Construction RFIs are extremely common: Navigant Construction found that roughly 10 RFIs occur for every $1 million spent on construction.

What should be included in a submittal?

What Is Included in Submittals and Why Do They Matter? Product cut sheets that identify the manufacturer, specifications and model number. Shop drawings that lay out the dimensions of such prefabricated products such as trusses, cast concrete, windows, appliances, millwork and more. Color and finish selections.

What is a submittal package?

A submittal package represents a collection of submittals that will be sent to a series of reviewers for feedback. A designated manager of the package reviews the feedback and makes a final determination on each item in the package when he or she completes the package.

What is an example of a submittal?

Submittal items include schedules, meeting minutes, product data, shop drawings, test data, product samples, warranties, and operations and maintenance (O&M) data. A large project, with dozens of subs, may have 500 or more individual submittals.

What are the types of contracts in construction?

Types of construction contracts Cost (Plus) Contracts. Lump Sum Contracts (Also known as Fixed Price Contracts) Piecework Contracts. Unit Pricing Contracts. GMP Contracts (Guaranteed Minimum Price Contract) Rate Contracts. Target Contracts. Materials and Labor supply Contracts.

How do I create a construction submittal?

Steps Navigate to the project’s Submittals tool. Click + Create > Submittal. Create a new submittal as follows: Add General Information. Update the Delivery Information. Create a Distribution List. Calculate Submittal Schedule Information (If Enabled) Apply a Submittal Workflow Template. Add Users to the Submittal Workflow.

What is a construction submittal schedule?

WHAT IS A SUBMITTAL SCHEDULE? ○ A list of submittals expected by the Owner. submittals through their progression of preparation by the Contractor and approval by the Owner before the materials and/or equipment can be ordered, and how they affect the construction progress.

How does an RFI work?

An RFI signals to potential bidders that a competition will ensue for a product or service, and that the potential client is seeking information in a formal, structured and comparable way.