Quick Answer: What Is The Meaning Of Remedial

What is the meaning of remedial classes?

When you do poorly in a subject and get sent to a class that focuses on basic concepts and better study habits, you are taking a remedial class. Like a remedy, remedial classes are supposed to improve you, specifically in school subjects that you haven’t done well in.

What is the meaning of remedial student?

A remedial student is a student who does not meet criteria that would allow h/her to enter into college level classes. Learn more in: Assessing the Effectiveness of a Basic Writing Course.

What is another word for remedial?

What is another word for remedial? corrective amendatory rectifying reformative reformatory remedying compensatory counteracting preventive reactive.

What is site remediation and why is it important?

Site-remediation is the process of removing polluted or contaminated soil, sediment, surface water, or groundwater, to reduce the impact on people or the environment.

What does remedial care mean?

Remedial Services assist individuals in learning age appropriate ways and skills to manage their behaviors and regain self-control. • Service is “rehabilitative” per federal law.

What is remedial maintenance in civil engineering?

Remedial maintenance or repairs is removal of any decayed or damaged part of the structure or removal of any defect in the structure. Action for repairs or restoration work should be taken up without allowing increase of the possible defect causing further damage to the structure.

What are the types of remediation?

The main three types of environmental remediation and reclamation Soil remediation. There are many factors that affect the soil condition. Groundwater and Surface water remediation. Sediment remediation. Sources.

What is routine maintenance?

Routine maintenance refers to any maintenance task that is done on a planned and ongoing basis to identify and prevent problems before they result in equipment failure. Some common routine maintenance includes regular inspections or service work.

What is another name for remedial classes?

What is another word for remedial education? special education literacy tuition numeracy tuition specialist support specialist tuition compensatory education learning disability education special ed special needs education.

What is remedial work in teaching?

Remedial teaching Part of education which is concerned with the prevention, investigation and treatment of learning difficulties from whatever source they may emanate and which hinder the normal development of the learner (National Association for Remedial Education, 1977).

What is the purpose of immediate remedial action?

Immediate remedial action has been taken to strengthen controls and enhance security at the warehouse. It also forms a basis to legally enforce an immediate remedy and is a deterrent against non-performance. The Force is now positioned to undertake immediate remedial action to close outstanding recommendations.

What does remedial do?

Remedial programs address learning gaps by reteaching basic skills. They focus on core areas, like reading and math. Remedial programs are open to all students, including those with disabilities.

Who are the remedial students?

Typically, remedial students are not struggling because of their intellectual abilities but instead because they are struggling with one subject area like reading, writing or mathematics.

What are the disadvantages of remedial teaching?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Remedial Education Advantages Disadvantages 2. Provides reinforcement for struggling students 2. It is hard to support teachers in remedial settings 3. Provides small group and one-to-one support 3. Once the program ends reintegration support is required.

What is the example of remedial?

Remediation is the act of correcting an error or stopping something bad from happening. When a company that polluted takes steps to clean up the water supply, this is an example of remediation. (educ.) The act or process of remedying or overcoming learning disabilities or problems.

What is the meaning of Remedial Action?

A remedial action is a change made to a nonconforming product or service to address the deficiency. This also can refer to restoration of a landscape from industrial activity.

Which is remedial maintenance?

remedial maintenance (corrective maintenance) Maintenance that is performed after a fault, in hardware or software, has been found, in order to correct that fault. Compare preventive maintenance.

What are remedial activities?

Activities or programmes aimed at helping students with learning difficulties or supporting students that may need to develop better learning skills as well as master content.

When a person is remedial?

: done to correct or improve something : done to make something better. : done to cure or treat someone. : involving students who need special help to improve in a particular subject.

What is the remediation process?

Remediation refers to the process of reversing or stopping environmental damage. During remediation, polluted or contaminated soil, sediment, surface water, or groundwater is removed to reduce the impact on the environment.

What is an example of remedial action?

A remedial action is an undertaking to correct a problem or issue. One example of a remedial action is environmental remediation. When the environment becomes polluted as the result of business activities or other events, it must be cleaned up for safety and welfare.

What is the opposite of remedial?

remedial. Antonyms: noxious, hurtful, exaggerative, confirmative, morbific, deleterious, inducive, provocative. Synonyms: sanatory, sanative, alterative, ameliorative, mitigating, corrective, curative, healing, restorative, salubrious.

What is the purpose of remedial action plan?

A Remedial Action Plan (RAP) is a detailed summary of the environmental issues found on a property during a site characterization and outlines a plan of action that illustrates which remedies will be used to achieve cleanup goals.

Is remedial a bad word?

Additional preparation. A nonjudgmental educational term for “remedial instruction.” The word “remedial” is unacceptable because it “blames” students by implying they have a deficiency which needs to be corrected.

What is a site remediation plan?

A Remedial Action Plan, or Remediation Plan is a guideline that proposes a series of engineering and geological procedures, in order to feasibly perform contamination cleanup actions over a strategic period of time.

What is importance of remedial teaching?

Need / Utility / Merits / Importance of Remedial teaching Provides necessary and correct foundation to rectify past mistakes and improve future learning. Rectifies concepts that have been confused or misunderstood. Fills in the gaps that have crept into the students’ learning.

What are the steps of remedial teaching?

Strategies in Remedial Teaching Establish clear and concrete goals. Create attainable goals. Provide a variety of incentives to cater to the interests of the students; provide rewards immediately. Inviting parents and guardians to assist children in improving their work is a good idea.

What is the meaning of remedial test?

: done to correct or improve something : done to make something better. This is one meaning of remedial from Merriam Webster. I think a test which CAN assess students’ high-school level skills is not always a test which AIMED at measuring students’ high-school level skills.

What are the example of corrective maintenance?

5 Examples of Corrective Maintenance Emergency Repair. Urgent repairs such as a broken elevator filled with people. Service Outages. Restoring services that are down. Repair. Repairing things that are broken such as fixing a solar system by replacing a broken module. Performance. Quality.