Quick Answer: When You Write What Is The Difference Between Writing A Paper And Writing A Discussion Post What Is The Difference Between Writing An Initial Discussion Post And A Response To One Of Your Classmates

The difference between writing an initial discussion post and a response to one of your classmates is the initial discussion post is your point of view. One that should incite response from fellow classmates.

What are 5 writing strategies?

While many writers have traditionally created outlines before beginning writing, there are several other effective prewriting activities. We often call these prewriting strategies “brainstorming techniques.” Five useful strategies are listing, clustering, freewriting, looping, and asking the six journalists’ questions.

How do you respond to a discussion?

Explain how someone’s post helped you understand the material or made you rethink your own views. Offer an opinion and support it with examples from the text. Relate the information in the post to your course assignments and/or research projects. Challenge a statement in the post.

When you write what is the difference between writing a paper and writing a discussion post How does the writing process differ for these two types of assignments?

How does the writing process differ for these two types of assignments? paper, you have to state your position on a particular subject formally. But in a discussion post, you have to state your opinion and beliefs with the expectation to get feedback from your peers.

Which of the following is a good way to start the writing process?

8 Great Ways to Start the Writing Process Start in the Middle. If you don’t know where to start, don’t bother deciding right now. Start Small and Build Up. Incentivize the Reader. Commit to a Title Up Front. Create a Synopsis. Allow Yourself to Write Badly. Make Up the Story as You Go. Do the Opposite.

What is the writing process steps?

The general steps are: discovery\investigation, prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing.

What is the writing process for writing a discussion post?

Develop a strong argument and support your statements with evidence from the course materials. In other words: research, research, research and cite, cite, cite. Be concise and articulate your ideas thoroughly. Explore all parts of the discussion question and get other students to think beyond traditional measures.

What makes a strong discussion?

In summary, a strong Discussion includes a concise summary of the problem you are investigating and a critical discussion of major and minor findings in the context of published literature. The limitations should also be acknowledged, and future directions should be discussed.

How do you end a discussion post response?

It’s always a good idea to end your response with a probing, open-ended question that takes the discussion forward. You can ask a thoughtful question to understand the logic behind someone’s explanation or a follow-up question to have a classmate elaborate on their response.

What are the 7 steps of the writing process?

The writing process, according to the EEF’s ​’Improving Literacy In Key Stage 2′ guidance report, can be broken down into 7 stages: Planning, Drafting, Sharing, Evaluating,Revising, Editing and Publishing.

What is the difference between writing a discussion post and writing a paper?

What is the difference between writing a paper and writing a discussion post? As the name suggests, a discussion board post is all about talking about a specific topic, in the light of facts and opinions and not in terms of a debate or argument.

What is a good discussion?

In order for a discussion to be effective, students need to understand the value of actively listening to their peers, tolerating opposing viewpoints, and being open-minded. They also need to recognize the importance of staying focused and expressing themselves clearly.

What are the strategies for college level writing?

Below are some tips: Focus on the verbs. Look for verbs like compare, explain, justify, reflect, or the all-purpose analyze. Put the assignment in context. Many professors think in terms of assignment sequences. Try a free-write. Ask for clarification.

What are 3 writing strategies?

Let’s take a look at three helpful prewriting strategies: freewriting, clustering, and outlining. Often the hardest part of writing is getting started.

How do you write an initial discussion post?

An initial post is your first response to a question posed by the instructor. Answer the question. Do this first if possible. Give evidence. Provide an explanation for your point of view, and use evidence from your text, notes, or outside research (where appropriate) to support your point. Explain the connection.

What are the four parts of the writing process?

Writing is a process that involves at least four distinct steps: prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing. It is known as a recursive process. While you are revising, you might have to return to the prewriting step to develop and expand your ideas.

What are examples of writing strategies?

Some of the writer’s strategies include alliteration (a string of words with the same initial sound), similes, metaphors/analogies, sensory details (vividly describe sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch to engage the reader’s senses), onomatopoeia (writing words that represent the sounds of the things they describe),.

How do you assess discussion post?

Suitable assessment tasks explain how they are related to the previous thread of the discussion. comment on or express an opinion on a topic. provide a reason or rationale for the post. contribute an example that illustrates a point in the discussion based on reading or personal experience.

How do you peer assess an assignment?

How does peer assessment work? Students are introduced to the assignment and criteria for assessment. Students are trained and given practice on how to assess and provide feedback. Students complete and submit a draft. Students assess the drafts of other students and give feedback.

How many words should a discussion post be?

One initial posting and 1 response posting is required, as a minimum, for each discussion forum/board. Original posts should consist of at least 150 words. Try not to exceed 300 words; however, no points will be deducted for longer postings. Response postings should consist of at least 75 words.

In what stage of the writing process do you make sure that your paragraphs are well organized well developed and coherent?

Revising and editing are the stages of the writing process in which you improve your work before producing a final draft. Unity in writing means that all the ideas in each paragraph and in the entire essay clearly belong together and are arranged in an order that makes logical sense.

What is a thoughtful reaction?

adj. 1 considerate in the treatment of other people. 2 showing careful thought. 3 pensive; reflective.

How do you start a discussion?

How to start a conversation Ask for information. Pay a compliment. Comment on something pleasant. Introduce yourself. Offer help. Ask for help. Mention a shared experience. Ask for an opinion.

What is a response post?

What is a Response Post? A response post is a response to a question. It answers a specific question quickly and has low competition. These are the very first articles you must write on your website.

What is the most important stage of the writing process?

The writing process consists of different stages: prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing. Prewriting is the most important of these steps.